New Alexander Henry Fabrics – Los Diablitos and Midnight Muertos


Midnight Muertos – Smoke


Los Diablitos – Smoke

Both of these are from the Haunted House collection by Alexander Henry Fabrics. These companion fabrics share the same design elements and colors. The ‘Smoke’ background is a dull brown color that looks almost like a shade of gray. Thick black lines bring together Halloween silhouettes of skeletons, black cats, bats, jack o’lanterns, snakes, haunted houses and more.

Looking forward to making purses and other items out of these gorgeous fabrics. If you’d like some yardage for your projects, check out my eBay store or my Etsy store.

New Alexander Henry Fabrics

Super Lucha Libre

Super Lucha Libre

Super Lucha Libre

Super Lucha Libre

Bold Luchadores doing what they do best! An over-the-top kitsch style design perfect for larger projects. I have some for sale here.

Resting In Roses

Resting In Roses

Resting In Roses

Resting In Roses

Beautifully detailed skulls among red roses. One of my favorites! I have some for sale in my eBay store here.

Sea Sirens - Charcoal

Sea Sirens – Charcoal

Sea Sirens on Charcoal

Sea Sirens on Charcoal

A new design in the Nicole’s Prints collection, sexy mermaids swim among the ocean floor. The pattern is large and would be great for larger projects. Find my listing for it here to purchase.

Vintage Designs Michael Miller Fabrics


Quaint Cupcakes

Quaint Cupcakes – cute retro cupcakes on a gray and white polka dots background.



Cherry-O – vintage repro of cherries on black and white polka dots.


Trailer Travel

Trailer Travel – Vintage style camper trailer design complete with happy campers


Dandy Damask

Dandy Damask – black and white floral damask design.


Onyx Leopard

Onyx Leopard – Black leopard print design from the Tiki-Tini Lounge Collection.


Dysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional Family – 1950s style comic book style design.



Edgar – Victorian style illustrations of ravens, pens and designs on handwriting inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.



Jackdaws – Victorian style blackbirds in cages on a white background.


Nevermore Collage

Nevermore Collage – A collection of Victorian designs of ravens, spiders, skulls, etc. inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.


Good Dot

Good Dot – Black and white polka dots on a distressed, antiqued background.

All these fabrics and more can be found in my eBay store here:

New Fabrics in Stock – Glow Skeletons, Webs and Eerie Damask


Glow in the Dark Skeletal Fabric by Timeless Treasures

Learn anatomy while crafting or while in the dark! Glow in the dark skeletal fabric features skulls and bones labeled with their medical names. This fabric is made by Timeless Treasures, 100% cotton. Find it here in my eBay store.


Glow in the Dark Spider Webs Fabric

Another glow in the dark fabric from Timeless Treasures. Spider webs glow against a black background. Check it out next to a black light! 100% Cotton fabric. Click here to find it in my store for sale by the yard.


Eerie Green Damask Fabric by Maywood Studio Fabrics

This beautiful damask fabric is called Ghouls Night Out Eerie Green Damask. It’s a beautiful vintage black pattern on a vivid green background with crackle texture. Perfect for spooky projects that require 100% cotton fabric. I sell it by the yard here.